The Hair of Death

For Agnès (and JR)



If you didn’t put this very face on a big wall*

I would.

     I go collect&examine,

     wondering what’s left behind,

     or stands afront.

     She’s dead by now,

     so I’d never met her, heard her, or holded her

     little artistic hand, full of pre-couloured soap bubbles.

     She, too, will never see me and my photoverses. 

     But at least I can read about her on Wiki, it seems we both love sea,        

     precisely la mer des plages, 

     this immense source of inspiration, and a tender, body-embracing shelter.

          He’s much alive, at least as based on the Instagram (&artistic) evidence,

          but this makes no real proof of existence: “On the internet, nobody knows you’re a dog". 

(Can you live without internet? Without a dog? With a human?)

‘Cause this very face offers or comprises my future nose and wrinkles, 

     her tranquillity, acceptance, and naive wisdom,

          as well as his stoic asymmetry and his never-seen, Levantine eyes.

We could all three be greater friends. Beyond walls. In art. In life. In death hairs.






Mirjam Dular

Mirjam Dular

12. 08. 2021 ob 19:19

To je fotoverz, beri skupaj s pogledom na fotografijo:

Foto: Ananda Boutoute

Fotoverz na enem listu



12. 08. 2021 ob 21:48

Jeeej, francoščina dobro izpade! Tudi meni je Agnès Varda ljuba.

Bravo in hvala! <3>


Mirjam Dular

12. 08. 2021 ob 21:54

Merci, Ananda. <3>


Komentiranje je zaprto!

Mirjam Dular
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