Cruibun (Easter)

His favorite day was approaching. He wasn't too interested in church. He just loved the smell of all good food that was typical for this time of year. Walnut cake, Easter eggs, meat, ... He couldn't wait to taste meat after a long time because they only eat it on some bigger holidays or celebrations. He didn't know why.

He was only less than a week away from the big day. But he couldn't understand why his father told him to stay inside today. Always, when some big holidays were approaching, he had to stay in the house. He wanted to organize all this mysteriousness to a whole. He wanted to understand but in vain. The thing was, he didn't really like toys, he was rather outside where he could play with the animals they had on their farm. He loved animals but sometimes they disappeared into the unknown. He especially liked this pig, named Pudge because he was so dumpy since his birth. He wanted to hear his grunting again.

He put on his new blue jacket that he got for his 10th birthday and went out despite father's orders. He stepped through the front door and ran around the house to the barn. Then he heard shrill animal scream.  This echo won't ever die away from his thoughts.


The pig with hanged paws.

All skinned on a hook above

a bucket of blood.



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Tudi sama sem v mladosti doživela podoben šok ob pogledu na pujsa, od katerega je še odtekala kri. Marsikdo prav zaradi tega noče jesti mesa.

Dobro si opisal dogajanje, čeprav bi se dalo na jeziku še kaj nadgraditi.

Lp A



16. 04. 2014 ob 14:51

Hvala za komentar Andrejka, se strinjam ja :)

Sicer pa je bil ta kruibun najprej mišljen v slovenščini, a nato se mi je angleška verzija nekako bolj zasidrala v misli.

Lp, shadyyy


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