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Human source

Like a lost vulture I bring grain on your grave
to grow, to grow and breathe since you've just stopped
you can't just stop that's not how it's done
and who needs wreaths, tombstones and inscriptions
it doesn't matter
I fish and every fish is different
they taste of despair and a little of ethics
I keep the tears in hermetically sealed pots
this one is number 38
have a shower every three days they say
we will run out of drinkable water
but it doesn't matter
seawater is one you couldn't live without
I peck out the eyes to each one lighting you a candle
because who needs this cheap plastic
and I don't need these lights, I can see quite well at night
I just hear less well because it's impossible to drown out your last hug
although I only dreamed it like some child
that's just not how it's done
if you throw a rock in someone's back it will hit you in your head tomorrow
every idiot knows space and time curve.



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