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The Eggshells

In situ.

The frost is biting.

It has been a long winter

here, precisely here,

behind the endless forehead

and in the frostbitten feet.

A winter of limbs rigidly elongated,

with a shadow of the polar night lying asleep on it,

nipping into the  hypothermic eyes like a two-edged horizon

of the polar day.

You don't feel your toes,

because there is nothing to feel.

It has been a long winter

of a body condensed into a lump.

The frost is biting,

biting into the rough-textured dome.


In vitro.

On the tempered glass there is a swarm of

seraphim and cherubs humming  in a cloud of bluish smoke,

dancing  with sketches

of blooming ice flowers.

Living ice flowers.


A child's smiling face leans

against the burgeoning arctic flora.

Oh, the closeness of the  blossoms

slurping  me down into the nectar of dreams,

sweeping me away in reverie, bewitching me.

Oh, the closeness of the fit between my cheeks

and the wide-opened calyses.

Your kiss is cold,

living ice flowers,

yet so close to me.

I've grown attached to you,

living ice flowers,

skin to skin.

Bluish is the strain

of the smoke coming from the ice logs.


In utero.

Can you feel it, too? Try it for yourself.

I am drawing my feet closer to you.

Eppur si muove.

Can  you see the stake?

Untie your wrists.

Bonfire. Arch your body.

Lucija Lotus Mlinarič

Lucija Lotus Mlinarič

29. 05. 2013 ob 22:54
29. 05. 2013 ob 20:54


Jupiter! Silvana Orel Kos

30. 05. 2013 ob 13:53
30. 05. 2013 ob 18:45

Lucija, najlepša hvala za čas, znanje in veselje, ki jih vložiš v prevajanje mojih pesmi.  Vem, da jih ni lahko prevajati ... Lp, Jupiter!


Lidija Brezavšček - kočijaž


30. 05. 2013 ob 17:03
30. 05. 2013 ob 18:45

Pohvala za odličen prevod. In zelo dosleden, torej tak, da ob  prenosu v drug jezik ohrani vse atribute originalne podčrtanke.


LP, lidija


Lucija Lotus Mlinarič

30. 05. 2013 ob 20:45
30. 05. 2013 ob 18:45

Silvana & Lidija, hvala. :)


Komentiranje je zaprto!


Lucija Lotus Mlinarič
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