We pretend we miss each other

Calling ourselves pet names

Over the phone

Two parrots in a cage

Too small

For their lustrous feathers.

We’re good at that

As we’re good at making amends

After sunset

And walking in uncomfortable


And sweeping the ashes

In the morning.

A semi chord of two

Cacophonic voices

Sometimes three

We share the same molecules of air

Split and disperse

Same manic Mondays, ruby Tuesdays

And the occasional sunny Friday

Same will-o'-the-wisp happiness

That does not tickle our toes

Same pre-programmed polite pragmatism of

Would-yous and Could-yous

Same stains of ink

Same dishes in the sink.

We labeled life, love

And such sine qua non-sense

As dispensable and pickled them…

There can never be too many jars of canoodle in the pantry.

We have trained the chipmunks

Of insanity

Just in case we die of boredom.

And that greasy chip on the shoulder

Should have been eaten a long time ago

Just in case someone slips on it and breaks his neck.

Or hers.

We kiss and cuddle

And wave charmingly to one another in

Bus stations

It’s nice to be nice

To be nice

To be nice

To be nice

To be NICE goddamit!!!



(Kirkwall, Orkney Islands, Velika Britanija, 2009)

Katarina J.

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Katarina J.
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