A slightly common song

Meeting you was like a storm That strikes above my head, Is like a bright light shining more That all good things I had. Knowing you is a mystery That hurts more than a pain, That makes me wait there thirsty Like a plant that longs for rain. Loving you is like a song, I wish so much to write, But although life does seem so long- We'll always have to hide... And you'll never really have me, You'll not be here to see That what we have and do and feel Is Love and Fear to me. I take this love, it fills my heart As nothing until now, I accept the fear as a great start... To know myself somehow! A Secret stands in a place of name I don't dare to say at all. My heart is full of you ...the same... And Love prevails it all.

Lidija Brezavšček - kočijaž

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Lidija Brezavšček - kočijaž
Napisal/a: Lidija Brezavšček - kočijaž (urednica)


  • 11. 04. 2008 ob 08:08
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