MOMENTS (a common song)

[size=14][center][color=#2222DD]Some days are so boring, Some nights are so sad, Some weeks are so useless, Some years are so bad. [/color] [color=#2022DF]Sometimes it seems to me That I should cry And sometimes I ask myself Why don't I try? [/color] [color=#F84A07]But then there are mornings When sky is so blue And birds sing and wind blows And yes - I have you. And I know that - days, nights, All weeks and all years Are here to remind me There should be no tears.[/color] [color=#308F48] Whole world lives for moments Rare moments that are The present, past, future ones - The near and the far... The moment I live now, Is what I'm here for... Past ones - they are gone now... Are there any more? [/color] [color=#0B0710]This - now - is my moment For which I should live, This is THE moment... To get and to give![/color] [/center][/size]

Lidija Brezavšček - kočijaž

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Lidija Brezavšček - kočijaž
Napisal/a: Lidija Brezavšček - kočijaž (urednica)


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