Melt myself away, as life is turning cold

Melt myself away, as life is turning cold,
Younger is my corpse than desperate heart forlorn, -
Not the wasted years, but tears do make me old,
In the restless blaze I've found myself unborn!
Generous, my love! With pain it's come to bless!
Haven't I been ill? Wounds start me to possess!
Talking with the sky for years to hear me pray,
Still I sob and shout, still the pain increases,
Knelling bells at night, no sunlights through the day,
Yet I bleed inside, Yet I hold diseases!
Farewell to my love! Am I to go allowed?
Anywhere but here my life shall be more proud!
To die, to disappear! To feed my yearning mouth,
Ears to fill with voice, in heart to bring the health!
Desperately I'll run, from east, west, north to south
And search for a place where stars create the richest wealth.
Nature, oh, the Queen! Let me join the rain,
Gain me once for all and wounds will try to drain!
Ending now has come, last breath may touch Thy ear, -
Letters will remain... my night sky fated Dear!

Anja Koretic

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Anja Koretic
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