30 April, National Honest Day

All it took 

was just one look. 

A solitary cowboy, 

in a dirty coat of silent strength.

Pass that whiskey bottle! 

For tomorrow brings the fight, 

a no win clash of wrong and right. 



These perplexing, 

never ending questions,

blaring, rumbling ever louder, 

as I’m getting stronger, wiser, 

honest to myself.

Willing to replan my path, 

reconsider all I have, 

abandon vows and promises,

that perpetually fade. 



Love unconditional, 


Infinite fidelity. 

To commit entire self

till the end of days, 

no matter what. 

My desperate attempts  

to absorb the right, 

the sacred ways! 

Like sitting at the table of mahjong.

Slowly building, 

cautiously connecting tiles 

In hope my patterns work 

through gradually escaping time. 



But what a deck of cards? 

Simple, fast and blunt. 

Blink of the moment. 

intoxicating thrill, 

addictive rush adrenaline. 

Take your King, your Queen, 


till you win, 

then toss away, 

as rounds begin. 



Sitting on a porch, 

still life






hit me, 

hit me 

hit me, 

savoring the moments 

to evade abducting time. 



I am deaden. I am numb. 

Hence, fast we ride, 

my cowboy, 

under blacken, stormy clouds 

of lust and passion. 

Play me dirty, 

play me hard. 

As the morning brings the fight, 

a no win clash of wrong and right.


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Napisal/a: TanjaT


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