It takes a big heart
to admit
that home is nothing but illusion,
engraved into subconscious mind.


Love, warmth, joy, smiles,
the Christmas tree,
all muffled words
that I can see.


Outside is cold,
but Spirit North
is calling,
whispering my name,
come, play!
And I can feel
those tiny flakes,
like muffin cakes
their tops are glazed,
sweet orange smell,
soft caramel.
My favorite
minty candy canes
shedding light to icy lanes.


Outside is cold,
but forest deep,
I have no promises to keep!
In snow I glow
and wait for thee
to take me home
to gracious land,
where warmth and cold go hand in hand.


She looks into my weary eyes
while I say my last goodbyes.


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