Turning into blue

What if I told you that the sky used to be green
but it turned into blue.
If I showed you, where the rainbow touches the ground and creates black roses.
If I gave you the key of my heart, would you enter it?
If I took you up to the clouds on my shoulders, so you could see where the rainbow touches the sky.
If I gave you the atomic bomb, would you use it, or refuse it?
What if I gave you the pill so you could hear inicent children cry and filthy polititians laugh during wars, would you take it?
And if I caught all the stars that are making anarchy in the universe...
Would you still say that my soul is turning into blue?
Turning into blue


Lidija Brezavšček - kočijaž


25. 07. 2014 ob 14:41

inicent child?



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